You’re Sure He’s Your Soulmate But He’s Not Sure About You

Is He Your Soulmate If He Won’t Commit To You?

Most of us have experienced the heart-wrenching dilemma of being in a relationship with a man that we’re so sure is the one (and may have already had wedding fantasies about) only to be continually put off to the side by him. In some cases he might even be straight forward about not being sure you’re his one, not ready for commitment, or just wanting to keep things “cool.”

I’m not going to sugar coat it here – this sucks. Here is a guy you’ve invested your body, mind, heart, and soul into and he’s got one foot out the door. Yeah, you love him but it’s also very painful and you can no longer deny it. This isn’t what you want anymore.

But now that you’re clear on that, what should you do?…

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