the truth about soulmate love

The Truth About Being With Your Soulmate

The Surprising Reality of Soulmate Love

Just the word “soulmate” can conjure up the most grandiose fantasies about what it feels like to meet your soulmate, like:

Passionate, rain-soaked making out with tears streaming down your cheeks because you’re unjustly torn apart by the harsh realities of life even though you’re destined for each other.

A young boy hopelessly loves a doe-eyed, long locked girl since the first time he set eyes on her and they become the best of friends, come of age together, and are then cruelly drawn apart to later reunite after 20 years knowing they have never loved anyone but each other.

Or let’s not forget…The idea that you have one twin soul in the entire Universe and encountering them in this lifetime on this little planet of 7.6 billion souls is as likely as finding one special grain of sand on a beach.

the truth about soulmate love


If any of those heart-wrenching and hopeless soulmate cliches are to be believed, surely they will dampen anybody’s dream of finding happiness in love.

But here are the surprising truths about what happens when you meet your soulmate that aren’t over the top romantic that nobody tells you about…

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