healing after a breakup

Successful Healing After a Heartbreak

What did it take to have successful healing after a heartbreak?

healing after a breakup

Healing turned out to look a lot different than I thought. Up until my last breakup, I had a particular modus operandi for handling my healing after a heartbreak.

And it worked. Temporarily, that is.

It worked so well that I could find another relationship shortly after. And after that one ended, I could find another one. Repeat a few more times for the proverbial slap in the face.

So when it was time to say, “Enough!” I tried a few things differently. Nine, to be exact.

And you know what? It worked. I fully healed and broke the spell of less-than relationships for good.

In my latest article on Bolde, I dish all about what I did differently the last time to make it my final breakup. Read all about it here.

healing after a breakup

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