Staying In Contact With Your Ex or Not

Is staying in touch with your ex getting in the way of attracting your soul mate?

This topic comes up often.  It’s a very relevant question for soul mate attraction that can have many different answers and results, of course.  First I’ll give you my personal opinion and then a way to ascertain the best answer for yourself.

Sometimes it can be appropriate and, of course, necessary to be in some kind of relationship with your ex – the most obvious case being when you have children together.  However, my personal opinion is that in most cases I would say it isn’t a good idea to be friends with an ex you don’t have children with if you want to attract a new and more evolved relationship with a soul mate.

staying in touch with an ex

But here’s how to determine the best answer for your self:

When you’re thinking about contacting your ex, check in with how you’re feeling.  Are the emotions you’re feeling that are driving your desire for contacting your ex good feeling or bad feeling?

For example, are you getting into touch with him because you feel sad or alone, or because you’re feeling really all right with the world and you want to share that feeling?

Are they positive or negative? 

Notice whether the feelings seem to feel good to you or bad to you.

Are they higher on the vibrational scale (love, gratitude, appreciation, joy) or lower on the vibrational scale (fear, depression, loneliness, anger)?

Now is the answer as to whether you should be in touch with your ex more obvious?  Any choice you make out of a lower vibration or that doesn’t feel good will only draw more of that energy to you.   For example, if you reach out to someone out of fear of being alone, it only affirms loneliness.  And that keeps you in the energy that attracted and, perhaps, ended the relationship.

couple relationship soul mates

However, if your reason for being in touch with your ex is positive – like being good role models as you raise your children – then of course it’s a great thing!

Only you can answer whether a post-relationship relationship is good for you.  But checking in with your feelings and assessing whether you want more of those same feelings to come to you or not will give you the best answer for your situation.


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