What is a soulmate radio interview

What Is a Soulmate and More On Soulspark Radio

What is a soulmate and a whole lot more on Soulspark Radio.

What is a soulmate radio interview

The other day I had a blast on the air live with Gray and Linda Robinson of Soulspark Radio! We chatted everything about dating and soulmates including:

What is a soulmate?

What strong women can do differently to attract real, lasting love.

How do you know you’ve found the one?

The common myths about love and dating that don’t work well for soulmate relationships in real life.

Dating do’s and don’ts.

How to spot the players and be free of them for good.

When is it too soon to get engaged and married?

How does age change what you’re seeking in a relationship?

What about online dating?

The astonishing online site where Gray and Linda met.

And how I met my husband.

Listen to the interview right here.


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