When Your Soulmate Isn’t the One

Is It Possible Your Soulmate Isn’t the One?

Nothing is more heartbreaking than feeling in body, mind, and soul that someone is your soulmate and he doesn’t feel the same way about you. As hard as you try to make it work, he just won’t commit.

What are you left to do? Can you break up with your soulmate?

Honestly, the word soulmate really freaks a lot of people out. It conjures up the idea that there is one and only one person in the entire Universe out there for you, and if it doesn’t work out with that one person you’re positive is your soulmate…then basically you’re doomed to be alone.


When your soulmate isn't the one


Naturally, this belief is very depressing and finding love, in that case, would feel like climbing the Himalayas. Why not just stick with Netflix binging on a Saturday night? It’s certainly more straightforward and less heartbreaking.

You don’t do that because you know you can find your soulmate that is the one. And, no, you don’t have to settle either.

Not One Soulmate but Many Soulmates

Based on all the reading I’ve done on soulmates, it’s my opinion that we have many soulmates. That is, people in our soul family that we’ve incarnated with in many lifetimes for loving, learning, and evolving.

Your soulmates can be your family, friends, teachers, mentors, colleagues, and, of course, lovers. Some of these relationships may have already passed from your life, and others you haven’t encountered yet.

Rarely would you think that a friend or a family member or a teacher is the only one you were meant to have and are heartbroken if it doesn’t work out. So why would a lover be any different?

A Strong Physical Connection Alone Does Not Make a Soulmate

Clearly, the difference lies in the deep physical connection shared as lovers.


soulmate connection


When you’re physically intimate with someone, you literally share DNA. Some even say you share pieces of your soul. Nothing nearly as deep is forged with your friend or teacher.

This intense physical connection can easily and mistakenly lead you to believe your lover or partner is the one and only person for you, whether he is a harmonious match or not. In blissful ecstasy, you forsake all other potential soulmate partners.

So what happens when your relationship becomes unhealthy for you or this person won’t commit to you?

Be Honest About the Love You Now Desire

If anything, a tumultuous relationship with your soulmate has revealed to you the love that you truly crave now. You have grown, and you have evolved. What you wanted when you met this person doesn’t align with what your soul needs now.

Someone that wants to wake up next to you every day. Someone that has no doubt about spending life with you. Someone that gets you and shares your life goals and priorities.

Someone it just feels good with. Not only in bed. All. The. Time.


soulmate connection


If your lover isn’t giving you this, he may be a soulmate, but he isn’t the one.

Give Yourself Permission to Find the One

Sometimes it’s through the pain we experience that our true longings are revealed.

You have permission to have the love that you want.

You have permission to leave a lover that won’t commit.

You have permission to let go of an unhealthy relationship.

You have permission to have more than one soulmate.

You have permission to start over.

You have permission to love the person that loves you equally (or even more.)

You have permission to find the one and find him quickly.

It doesn’t need to be complicated. It doesn’t need to take a long time. It doesn’t need to be a fairy tale.

Yes, sometimes your soulmate isn’t the one. And that’s okay.

Open your heart to find the soulmate that is the one.

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