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“I am really loving your program, visualizations – especially the
future vision of seeing your partner.. It is really one of my favorite
programs that I have done!” Tali, course student 

Dear Women,

If you’re reading this likely your heart longs for love, a deep connection with the soul mate partner you know you are meant to be with.

Deep down you know that you have so much love to give to the right partner. You crave a relationship with a quality man, who loves and respects you, who isn’t afraid to show you appreciation daily, who knows you’re his one and is eager to commit to you on your soul paths together.


The problem is:


…you end up attracting the same type of man over and over…

…you get dates easily but they aren’t with the quality man you want…

…you finally find a guy you’re really into but he won’t commit…

…you feel like you have to settle for less than what you want…

…you’re ready to start a family but wonder how much longer you have…

…you’ve been there done that and are afraid the next time will turn out the same…

…you never feel appreciated and respected in relationships…

…you would be dating but have no idea how to begin…

Wouldn’t you like to:


…feel free to openly love again…

…know how to find a quality man that wants to commit to you…

…know how to have his ongoing love and respect…

…know how to date with confidence, ease, and excitement…

I know because I’ve been in your shoes and found the way to turn my love life around completely. Once I did I met my soul mate quickly and we now have a life and family together.

You’re invited 

Please join me in this 9 module course that will take you step-by-step on a journey to deliberately attract your soul mate!

Dina taught me to deliberately attract what I desired, and James truly embodies everything I was looking for, even in some surprisingly wonderful ways. I am so looking forward to saying “I do” in just a couple of months!”


Belmont, CA

Soulmate Attraction Course Sale

“…Dina’s Law of Attraction-based methodology…provided me with the tools, self-esteem, confidence and positive attitude which in turn attracted a soulmate into my life! A soulmate who happened to be living halfway across the world…[We] have now been living together in France for two years, and married for 21 months. Without hesitation I can say that Dina’s wonderful coaching facilitated this meeting of the minds and hearts!”

Nathalie Hachet Kuntz

Corsica, France

Here’s what you will get:


Module 1: Getting To Know What Love Is

Find out your true soul’s expression of love and believe that it’s not only possible but that you will never settle for less again. 4 lessons and 1 guided meditation.

Module 2: Transmuting Energy Blocking Love

Transforming energy from past romantic or family relationships into a powerful force that will draw love to you. 4 lessons.

Module 3: Forgiving and Releasing Ties To the Past

Free your heart from painful ties to past romantic or family relationships so you can trust and love again. 3 lesson and 2 guided meditations.

Module 4: Evolving Agreements and Hidden Personalities

Evolve any unconscious agreements or parts of you blocking love into energy that will help you get the love you want. 3 lessons and 1 guided meditation.

Module 5: The Divine Feminine In You

Discovering and merging with the most radiant and dynamic goddess within you. 3 lessons and 1 guided meditation.

Module 6: Loving Yourself To Love Another

Turn any negative self talk around into truly appreciating and loving your unique gifts, so your soul mate can, too. 4 lessons.

Module 7: Knowing the Essence of Your Soul Mate Partnership

Connecting with the energy and deep values of your soul mate partnership so you never settle for less-than again. 2 lessons and 1 guided meditation.

Module 8: Recognizing Your Soul Mate In Person

Discovering and becoming very clear about the qualities of your soul mate and your future life together to attract just the right person for you. 3 lessons and 1 guided meditation.

Module 9: Manifesting Your Soul Mate With Inspired Action

Creating a deliberate action plan with simple steps you can take now to meet your soul mate. 3 lessons.

It worked…only a few weeks later, I’m in the first exclusive relationship I’ve had in years. With a great guy. It really is that simple.”


B.C., Canada

Plus you’ll get:


Downloadable mp3s of 7 guided meditations, worksheets for each module, a bonus Q & A section with common questions asked about the course and dating, and ongoing online support from Dina personally!

“After the 5th session of your program, I consciously embodied my goddess. Amazingly, I got so many nice extra services and…attentions from many attractive men! Thank you Dina!”



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Soulmate Attraction Course Sale

My promise to you…


…though I cannot control the Universe and guarantee you will meet your soul mate right after this course, I promise that if you go through the lessons, exercises, and meditations honestly with the intention of growing into your highest self you will experience powerful shifts in your life. You will feel and be different, liberated, and happier which in turn will drastically affect who you will be attracted to, how you date and love, and create different results than before. Additionally, I’m always here to support you along the way if you have any doubts, questions, or concerns. I’d love to hear about your successes, too!

Dina Robison

“Before..I was frankly exhausted from the dating process…it wasn’t rewarding or yielding the result I desired. Since I started working with Dina, I’ve gained clarity, more confidence in myself and the ability to gain control over the outcomes I’m looking for.”


San Jose, CA

Soulmate Attraction Course Sale

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