Science Proves Doing This Will Make You Immediately More Attractive

If there was one thing you could do you make yourself immediately more attractive, would you do it?

And what if there was science demonstrating that this one trait was perceived as being more attractive in a speed dating setting and a dating app?

Well, there is such a study. In Dominant, open nonverbal displays are attractive at zero-acquaintance, by Vacharkulksemsuk, Reit, Khambatta, Eastwick, Finkel, and Carneya, it was effectively demonstrated that both male and females while speed dating and looking at photos on a dating app were more attracted to members of the opposite gender with an open, expansive posture.

Expansive posture means appearing physically open: arms uncrossed, chest open, and legs extended. The referenced page even shows photographs they used, if you want you can see them here.

The researchers concluded that this preference might have to do with being attracted to perceived status and power and having access to “resources” needed for basic survival. Interesting, huh?

So how can this help you if you want to attract your soulmate?

When you’re meeting people in person or selecting photos to put on your dating app, be deliberate about displaying a more open, expansive posture.

be more attractive

Here are a few tips to help you out:

Lead with your heart when you’re dating. When you’re walking, sitting, talking to someone, or even taking a picture, imagine leading with your heart. You could also visualize a line going from your heart out to the person you’re connecting with. This will result in keeping your chest open and expanded while appearing approachable.

Keep your spine long while dating and in life. Practice keeping your spine elongated whether you’re sitting or standing. Without giving it too much effort, imagine the top of your head going up towards the ceiling and your tailbone reaching down like you are stretching in both directions. This will help prevent your shoulders from slumping forward and closing you off.

be more attractive

Practice downward dog and other exercises that stretch the chest and shoulder muscles while strengthening the upper back muscles. Okay, it’s no secret I love yoga. It’s so beneficial for opening the body up and breaking those unhealthy postural habits. Any stretch or posture that effectively stretches the front of the body and strengthens the back of the body will result in a more expansive posture with time and practice.

Do activities that you love and that attract you. When you’re enjoying yourself, you’re more open. When you’re happily engaged in an activity, you use your full, expansive posture. If you’re taking a picture for your dating app, try thinking of something or someone that makes you happy when you take it. Your openness will be apparent in the photo.

So there you have it, scientific evidence that all you have to do to appear more attractive is something as simple as keeping your posture open and expansive. And though this is only in regards to a first impression and there’s so much more to deliberate attraction, it’s an easy trick to get more responsiveness from people that could potentially be your soulmate.

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