How Having Relationship Boundaries Gave Me the Ultimate Love

From Cool Girl To a Woman With Healthy Relationship Boundaries

Conventional wisdom would have you believe that the more relationship boundaries you set for yourself going into a relationship, the more you restrict yourself and set yourself up for failure. If you say too much or protest too much you’ll scare men off, they typically say.

Well, when I started looking at what women who were with their soulmates were doing and stopped listening to the well-meaning but misguided advice of people who weren’t happily coupled, my eyes opened up to how having healthy relationship boundaries was essential for attracting the right partnership.

The Relationship Boundaries I Made That Men Surprisingly Respected

Whether it was not giving out my number, leaving my Facebook status blank, or refusing to make out until I got to know him better, I made nine crucial boundaries that liberated me from dating misery and landed me my soulmate.

Read my latest article at Bolde here to find out what those nine boundaries were and how men responded to them.

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