Being Too Picky In Your Soul Mate Search?

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  1. Ginny P says:

    I did the exercise and 3 men I know came to my mind, not a single one has all the things I'm looking for but if I had a man like any of them, I'd be happy. These 3 men have a few things in common, they're all very masculine, protective of their wives, handy around the house, good fathers and strong Christian values. One of them isn't particularly romantic but I suppose I can negotiate that, the other one is the boring type (he doesn't like to go out with friends much but he doesn't stop his wife from doing it) and the other one isn't very ambitious, nor career oriented, so with a man like him I'd have to settle for a much simple lifestyle. The latter one can be a deal breaker actually.

  2. That's great, Ginny, that you were able to appreciate things about them even though they didn't meet every single criteria you want!

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