To Be Physical Or Not To Be Physical

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  1. Another great blog Dina!

  2. Ginny P says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one. There's a reason all religions preach about chastity until marriage and while in my case, I don't necessarily feel we have to wait that long but we as women should make sure we have an understanding of where we want the relationship to go and in my case I require an agreement to longevity, continuity and exclusivity

  3. Great article Dina-It is interesting though how some claim to be so enlightened and use the term "intimacy" as a way to get their sexual desires met and when you say no, they try to manipulate the situation by making such claims as, formulaic, rigid thinking, closed-minded, fearful etc., That is the perfect time to tell them to tell their story walking… It is their issue, not yours. Again, great post Dina.

  4. Leslie, thank you for bringing up such a great point! Though I don't think sexuality should be suppressed by any means, I have been disturbed by how it's used and casually thrown about in supposed spiritual circles (ie, the western yoga world). You're right, the issue is theirs not yours!

  5. Julissa Rodriguez says:

    When you find your soulmate .. It’s love at first sight !!

    There will be chemistry, passion, respect and admiration all together at the same time .. There will be deeply connection and deep care..

    When you meet and then separate, you feel emptyness inside your heart and your soul.. You always think about each other deeply and with respect.. The feeling, the passion, the importance of anything said or done is very deep and it feel pain, hurt and lost ..
    I know .. I have met my soulmate and we are separated 1 year 6 months now .. Im in pain and lost since that time.. I feel emptyness for the first time in my life ..

    • Dina Robison says:

      Julissa, thank you for sharing. I’m so sorry you’re feeling pain and going through this. Sending you lots of loving thoughts and healing that the resolution to this will unfold in the highest and best way.

      • Julissa Rodriguez says:

        Thanks dina ..
        Im sharing this because i least i know and experience my other half. I want all of you to know that our other half is out there waiting for us .. So don’t give up ..
        They are searching for us, too.

        Once you find each other.. It’s amazing the life you will have together .. Just have faith and search ..

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