Loving Yourself First Before Loving Another

We all know on the intellectual level that you must love yourself first in order to really love and be loved by another.  Many great spiritual leaders have said this and it’s simple to understand why that would be true.

But applying it can be another story.

Understanding how one begins to self-love is about as easy as understanding, well, something like infinity.  It sounds great and amazing, but what does that even mean and how the heck do I apply that to my life?

There are popular exercises like saying loving words to yourself in the mirror and keeping gratitude journals about yourself.  Both of which are helpful and getting you on the right track but it doesn’t quite cut it, especially when we want to find a partner that will love us unconditionally, even for the things we may not feel good about.

 Self Love, Buddha

And for those of us really into spiritual and personal growth we acknowledge that we are always learning to “better” ourselves.  Nobody is perfect – we all make mistakes and there is always something to be improved upon until we reached enlightenment, right?

Well, there are two major key points I want to touch on here.  The first one lies in the words “unconditional love.”

1)    Embrace your not-so-pretty inside and out stuff with this question:  How might this quality be an asset in my life and to my soul mate?

I’ll give you one of my own embarrassing examples.  Here goes…I can be very critical and picky, which may be extremely annoying to others around me.  But my soul mate will think of that as an asset because he will appreciate that I really care about doing things only to the highest quality.  And that is true.  I’m not saying that it’s a great quality all of the time but that it can be asset and often appreciated.

So how are your not so lovable (maybe to others or yourself) qualities an asset to your soul mate?  Which brings me to the second point…

2)    Adopting the mindset that you are an asset to the soul mate partner that is looking for you.

No one needs to “take a wife.”  They are looking for a partner because they know their soul mate will be an asset to every aspect of their lives.  You are not just there to be loved but you add value to someone’s life.  (Even in the old days taking the wife had value, even if it’s for lesser reasons than we want today.)

Get in the habit of acknowledging and writing down daily:

How many ways do you add value to people’s lives?  How many ways will you add value to your soul mate’s life?

These simple mindset shifts of realizing and believing what an asset you are is all you need to fully embody self-love in order to attract your soul mate partner – who is an asset to you as well.

Self-love isn’t just about “loving” yourself in the romantic sense that your partner will; it’s self-acknowledgement, self-worth, and self-understanding.  It’s acknowledging your value and understanding that all of your qualities – the good and all – are an integral part of your soul nature and what you came here to do in this lifetime.

Heart, Love, Self Love

Now, I’d love to hear from you – What does self-love mean to you, and what can you do to acknowledge that daily?  Please comment below!  And if you know someone that could use a little self-love then please share this article with the buttons below!  Thank you.

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With Love,

Attract Your Soul Mate Coach

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