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Law Of Attraction and Love: Are You Really Loving?

Why does the law of attraction keep bringing you what you don’t want?

Have you experienced really wanting something, using what you think is the law of attraction (thinking about what you want) and then getting what seems to be the opposite?

When we diligently think we apply the law of attraction to our love lives and don’t get the relationship we want a simple response is to blame the logic behind it saying things like, “That’s just woo woo, it’s not science” or, “Some people are just lucky” or, “It’s just not meant to be for me.”

The quantum physicists know the science behind it – along with studies to back it up; it isn’t luck, and your highest desires are absolutely meant for you to have.  The law of attraction is always working in the same way that the law of gravity is always working.

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So why wouldn’t you still have the relationship of your dreams if you’re constantly thinking about the love that you want?

One reason is that even though you might be thinking about wanting one thing it might not actually feel good to you due to limiting beliefs or past experiences.  Your feelings, or vibration, are actually what’s doing the attracting (your thoughts can only contribute to the feelings).  First, you must learn to get your good feelings aligned with the relationship you desire.

Another reason, and the whole point of this particular article, is that your reasons – your WHY – you want to be with the love of your life might be causing you to feel worse unconsciously. 


For example, if you enter a relationship to avoid some kind of pain (like being alone), you are only affirming the pain (the loneliness that you feel).   It’s all about your inner feelings.

Do you use the law of attraction and love for reasons that feel good or reasons that feel bad to you?

Some examples of common reasons for desiring a relationship that affirm negative feelings:

–       To avoid being alone. (Affirms and attracts more loneliness.)

–       To avoid the pain of a recent loss. (Affirms and attracts the pain of the loss.)

–       To be validated in any way by this person.  (Affirms and attracts that you are not enough and need validation.)

–       To get satisfied or gratified.  (Affirms and attracts dissatisfaction.)

At some point I unknowingly entered relationships for all of these reasons only to almost as quickly exit the relationship feeling worse than when I started.  So I finally took some time alone to bring my feelings and vibration up to speed with the love I truly desired for partnership.

Going into dating or a relationship while holding on to the vibration of what you don’t want actually attracts more of this to you. That is the law of attraction.

This is why when in my work with clients it’s important to get the vibration and good feelings up to match the relationship she desires first before we work on magnetizing a soul mate.

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Here are just a few examples of reasons to be in a relationship that affirm delicious, good feelings:

–       To expand my capacity to love another and myself.  (Affirms and attracts love.)

–       To learn to receive love and care from another.  (Affirms and attracts love and caring.)

–       To have children and expand our family.  (Affirms and attracts love, expansion, and abundance.)

–       To grow spiritually.  (Affirms and attracts spiritual growth.)

–       To support each other on our soul’s journey.  (Affirms and attracts support.)

See how these reasons affirm the positive, good feeling love you want to have with your partner?

Coming from this perspective now the law of attraction can actually bring you what it is you want in a love relationship because you are affirming and building on those wonderful good feelings that are the real representation of your love energy.

My challenge to you is to really ask yourself – why do I want to meet the love of my life now?  Find as many good feeling, expansive reasons as you can as to why this would mean so much to you in your life now.

The law of attraction is always working and your good feelings are your guide to consciously bringing in what you desire.

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  1. Feminine Belle

    My new reason to attract love is to be able to share all the love I have, give and receive and move the energy of love

  2. Inner West

    Find a good place to rest metaphorically speaking, vibrate positively and then it will be irrelevant what your reasons for a relationship are.

    Just keep practicing everyday to be a better version of you and if it’s an enjoyable feeling, you’ll get exactly what you want at the right time. Have faith it will arrive when you’re ready (even if you think you are already).

    If it comes too early, you’ll attract something you’re at right now which may end up causing you heartbreak later and you’ll be back at square one, having wasted precious years.

    Be patient and have faith, it’s on it’s way.

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