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Law of Attraction For Love Without Sounding Like a Load of Bull

You’ve been single for a while and you want to attract love. Not just any love – the love of your life love. And you start reading about this law of attraction stuff and it sounds so great and so easy. All you have to do is think about what you want and talk about what you want like you already have it. So you give it a try.

And you discover it sounds and feels like bull.

And then you stop trying because you’ve never been one to tolerate bull – otherwise, you would have stayed in your previous “less than” relationship.

Does this sound familiar? If so, I totally get you.

Because it is bull! To make statements about something that isn’t actually present in the physical world as if it is here is an outright lie. And if you’re like me, you don’t like lying one bit.

How then did I make the law of attraction work for me to attract my husband?

By choosing to say and think thoughts that felt good AND were totally true for me now. 

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**Once I got used to that later I did incorporate a daily gratitude prayer for the husband I hadn’t meant yet. I’ll address that in another post.

Some examples are:

I’m so grateful to be single right now to get my life and spirit in a good place for when I meet the right man.

I’m so looking forward to meeting my man.

I’m ready to love and appreciate him like he deserves to be.

I’m ready to be loved and appreciated like I deserve to be.

It’s exciting to be dating because I like to meet new people and it feels like I’m closer to meeting the one.

I’m so grateful to have so much love in my life from my family, friends and peers.

Do you see the pattern? They are all statements that were presently true for me at the time but they felt very good and reassuring, even exciting. This is how I’m suggesting you begin working with the law of attraction, especially if you’re coming from a place of feeling down or hurt about your situation.

wedding, law of attraction, love, bride

Your feelings (vibration) attract more of the same feelings (vibrations). So find your statements, affirmations, and thoughts that feel true and good to you and make that feeling your new normal.

And when those good feelings feel more the norm, then you can take it up a notch. Go out on a limb and thank the Universe for the man you haven’t met in the physical realm yet.

Thank you for my amazing and loving partner. I’m so grateful to be with him.

Because you got used to feeling so good with your first “real” statements, now going a little out on a limb probably won’t feel so much like a lie. It might just feel like something that’s about to happen because how could it not?

And that’s pretty awesome.

What do you think about using the law of attraction? Does it feel like bull as you’re saying it? What’s worked for you? I’d love to read about it, so please comment below!

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