The Law of Attraction Isn’t Magic For Love

The Law of Attraction Won’t Attract Love By Magic

The other day I read an article about creating an abundance mindset that slammed law of attraction coaches for spreading the false hope that this philosophy will fix all of your ails by magic and that the law of attraction isn’t magic. In the same article, the author proceeded to launch into tips for adopting an abundance and wealth mindset with the same techniques that myself and other law of attraction coaches use.

So he apparently wants you to know that these techniques work, but he doesn’t want to accidentally be labeled a law of attraction coach.

Perhaps I took his slight a bit personally. Maybe I’m tired of the unfair rap that coaches are getting.

Either way, I hope to shed some light on how the law of attraction works and what’s really within your power to help you bring your soulmate partner into your reality.

The concept of the law of attraction was made hugely popular by Esther and Jerry Hicks, and the film The Secret. However, what I relay to you here and on the rest of my website is purely my understanding of it based on what I’ve learned from them, my experiences and that of my clients, and is not to be mistaken for their direct quotes or teachings. (Although I highly recommend reading their work, too.)

The law of attraction isn’t magic.

law of attraction isn't magic

The first thing to understand is that the law of attraction doesn’t work like magic. It just simply is. It is your reality and all of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that go with it.

Are you feeling good about something happening in your life and the world? That’s the law of attraction.

Are you feeling bad regarding specific events in your life and the world? That’s the law of attraction.

Is it okay to feel good only about the good things and feel bad about the bad stuff? Yes, totally.

Does life sometimes suck and you get down? Yes, completely.

Do other people do things in your reality that piss you off? Of course. Absolutely.

Are some people presented with more external challenges in life than others? Without question.

Does everyone have the right to feel the way they do? Definitely. It’s crazy to deny someone their feelings.

Are there some more serious problems that the concepts of the law of attraction won’t fix now? Yes, absolutely.

**If you suspect you have a severe problem with depression, anxiety, or anything else, please get help from a professional in those areas.

Additionally, do not underestimate the power of temporary sadness, anger, and despair. Allowing and feeling these emotions entirely can be a powerful motivator for change.

So what is the law of attraction and how can it help you get to where you want to be?

law of attraction isn't magic

My perception of the law of attraction is just life happening as it is. And, as Esther and Jerry Hicks always emphasized, you’re either in alignment with what’s presenting in your life right now, or you’re not.

When you’re in alignment, you feel good.

When you’re not in alignment, you feel bad.

It’s true whether you’re talking about love, relationships, health, wealth, societal issues, injustice, and everything that is present in our world.

Therefore, working with the law of attraction (as it’s not magic in itself, it’s just life) means you’re re-aligning yourself with your reality, so you feel better.

Then you keep doing it, so you feel even better. And some more so you feel better and better, again.

And then what happens? After a while, you will notice that you’re feeling pretty damn good with your reality.

You might also notice there are some differences in your life.

But what really changed? You did.

Your perception of your reality changed. Therefore, you transformed your reality into something more appealing.

How does the law of attraction work for attracting a soulmate?

law of attraction for love

Since the law of attraction is your current reality, if you’re heartbroken, that’s the law of attraction. If you’re dating and still seeking your soulmate, that’s the law of attraction. If you’re happily married, that’s the law of attraction.

So to work with the law of attraction to get the love you want, you must first align your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with the passion you want.

Now, this is where it gets mixed up. Many mistakenly think that the desire in itself should bring you the relationship you want, but it’s not that simple. You’re thinking about what you want, so why isn’t it there?

Because if you think of the loving partnership you desire, and you feel sad, desperate, hurtful, doubtful, and anything else not aligned with the love you want, your reality will continue to present you with those feelings.

Same goes for health, money, and anything else.

And do you want to attract a partnership that makes you sad, desperate, hurtful, and doubtful? Of course not! But as Albert Einstein said, “You can never solve a problem on the level in which it was created.”

Therefore, the practice of the law of attraction is merely working to transform your feelings into hope, excitement, and joy about the love you want.

You may be able to do that in one day. Or it may take years depending on where you’re currently at. There isn’t one correct timeframe or method for aligning with your desires for love. The point is that you have the power to deliberately align your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with the love that you want.

So I hope this brings some much-needed clarity to the topic of the law of attraction, why it’s not magic, what it really is, and what you can do about it.

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