The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Give a Hoot About Prince Charming and You Shouldn’t Either

In this era the very idea of a woman waiting around like a damsel in distress for her Prince Charming to come to the rescue is practically ludicrous.  We are blessed to be living in a time of ascending consciousness where women in partnership OR single can really have it all – the love, the family, the career, the fun – if she so desires.

Then why do so many smart and independent women put their own fulfillment or happiness on hold until they meet that special some one?  (I was one of them, too, though I wouldn’t have admitted it at the time.  My mantra was “I don’t need a man.”)


Perhaps the fairy tale of Prince Charming riding in on his steed to save the day, unexpectedly mind you, is a modern metaphor for anyone that is waiting for something external – be it love, seven figures, beauty or recognition – in order to feel fulfilled.

Now as a soul mate attraction coach, that truly wants to inspire you to find your soul mate partnership, I have to just tell you that that story is as much total and complete B.S. as the commercial that says you need the latest model luxury car to be respected by your peers.

Waiting for something external to fulfill you leads to unrealistic hopes, expectations, and fantasies that no real person can live up to.  Additionally, you’re affirming to the Universe that you will not be satisfied until you’ve got (fill in the blank).

So what is the law of attraction doing with all of this?  Well, as far as your life goes the law of attraction doesn’t care about what anyone else does – it only cares about and is responding to you.  Your thoughts, but more importantly your feelings and actions.

In other words, if you’re feeling dissatisfied, unfulfilled, lonely, or stagnant and sitting on the side of the road, more of these same feelings, or energy, will be given to you – which may occur in the form of unhealthy and co-dependent relationships.  It’s only when you make the conscious decision to be happy, fulfilled, and loved regardless of your external circumstances will you attract that energy in the form of your soul mate to you.

So how do you stop waiting for, Prince Charming, your real soul mate?

Honestly ask yourself:

What do I believe that being with my soul mate will actually bring to me?  Is it love?  Security?  A family?  Normalcy?  Companionship?  Money?  Approval?

And, what are the deeper essence qualities and feelings that come from having those things?  It may be joy, expansion, excitement, purpose, abundance, service, or integrity.


And you stop waiting for your soul mate at the side of the road by getting on your own horse and continuing up the road on your life’s journey.  Take actions that give you the same feeling energy of those essence qualities now.

Sign up for that photography course you’ve always been thinking about.  Go back to school and get your masters.  Buy the home you always wanted.  Volunteer in ways most meaningful for you.  Apply for a higher-level position at your company.  Heck, go out on dates and meet real people looking for a partnership, too!

Now the law of attraction understands what you’re really about.  You’re vibrating in these higher qualities and now the Universe can draw to you a partner that matches. You’re not leaving your soul mate behind by doing these things; you (and your own horse) are meeting him on your soul path.  You no longer need him to fulfill you because your love together is now about the two of you expanding these great qualities in each other’s lives and all around you.

And your soul mate is no longer a fairy tale but your real-life partner.

Now I’d love to hear from you – what essence qualities do you think having a soul mate partner would fulfill and how do you intend to give yourself those things now?  Please comment below!  And hey, if this article struck a chord and you know someone that needs to get back on her horse…please share it.

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With My Love & Gratitude,


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