How To Know If Your Next Relationship Will Be the One

3 Tips For Making Sure Your Next Date Is Your Soulmate!

Nothing is more frustrating and confusing than having a relationship with someone for a while that you thought might be the one you marry, only to find out after a certain amount of time that he wasn’t as committed as you were.

Rest assured this has happened to most women that didn’t marry her high school or college sweetheart!

If you are ready to attract the love of your life now, then please don’t let the fear of another heartbreak stop you from dating again. Allowing your heart to remain open will create a space for the right one.

But this time when you date know that you are in charge of your relationship destiny, and you decide when you’re ready to commit again and who to commit to, and you can wait until you know he is the one.

next relationship the one

Here are three simple tips for taking the power of your dating and love life back:

1) Have as much clarity as possible about yourself, your life, and your ideal relationship before jumping into the dating scene.

The clearer you are about yourself and what you want the more likely you will attract a likeminded person and will not appeal to wishy washy types that aren’t ready to commit. Additionally, when your dating life has the higher purpose of finding your soulmate, you won’t fall into superficial entanglements for the wrong reasons and end up in co-dependent, rebound, and bandaid relationships.

2) Being open and clear about what you’re looking for in a relationship from the start while being unattached to the outcome with your date.

When you’re open and honest, without being attached to your date’s response, you will strongly attract someone who is of the same mind. And anyone just looking for something temporary will know not to waste your time. And an added bonus – this kind of calm confidence is very attractive!

Marry Your Next Boyfriend

3) Don’t get distracted by looks, charm, money, status, and smooth talk – choose him by his inner values and goals instead.

It’s whether or not your long term goals and values are in alignment that will make or break a long lasting partnership. When you first meet, ask open ended questions like, “What do you still want to achieve in your life?” that allow him to honestly reveal who he truly is without being able to just say what he thinks you want to hear.

Keep these three powerful tips in mind while preparing to get back out in the dating scene and meeting people, and you will display clear, attractive confidence that will magnetically draw your soulmate to you.

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