How Being Too Independent Might Block Soulmate Love

Independence – Is It Blocking Soulmate Love?

9 Signs Your Independent Streak Is Making You Hard To Love

It’s actually pretty awesome to be an independent woman at this time in history.

Okay, there are still some challenges. But when you look back on the way things used to be, even just a few generations ago, we have it made.

Women today are accepted and considered beneficial in almost any position of authority or entrepreneurial role. (Though we’re still working on some.) And in most parts of the Western world, it’s acceptable and encouraged for women to live independently and carve out the life of her choosing.

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But with all of the wonderful benefits of personal and professional independence, women still crave love. And confusion around romantic roles for men and women have increased dramatically.

The dependence on men to live has, thankfully, disappeared but it leaves women with a big question mark — what is the purpose of a romantic partnership now?

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