How To Take the Best Online Dating Profile Pic

Your Online Dating Profile Photo Should Grab Attention

Your main profile photo isn’t about what you look like when you get up in the morning or when you are on your way to the gym. It’s about what you look like when you’re out on a date having fun.”


Best online dating profile photo


Though it isn’t necessarily ideal, the reality is that more and more people are dating online. And though it can have its downsides if you don’t do it deliberately, I still think it’s a fantastic tool for meeting someone if you aren’t getting dates otherwise. In my previous post, I talk about how you can hack online dating and make it work for you, without losing your mind. Read that here.

This post is all about getting your most amazing, fantastically gorgeous profile picture so you will get the most possible responses online. This will allow you to have more choices to meet more potential dates, and maybe just one of them will be your soulmate.

With tiny thumbnail photos and the ability to immediately swipe left or right being online life now, it’s crucial to have a fabulous main profile photo that authentically represents you.

And this isn’t about being something you’re not. The fact is, an average photo will not do your real-life appearance justice. Without the best online profile pic your potential soulmate might not get to see how attractive you really are, make an immediate judgment, and pass up on you even though the first impression in person could have been very different.

My Mistake That Led To My Ideal Profile Photo

When I first joined a big online dating site with the hopes of meeting my soulmate, I used a reasonably cute profile picture that I thought was a natural and honest representation of me. The response was mediocre and far much less than I thought it should be. After all, it wasn’t like I was hideous.

However, when I was scrolling through search results of the men with 16 thumbnails per page, it occurred to me that unless a photo was relatively close-up and pretty attractive, I wasn’t clicking on it. You see, with so many options available I needed to be quite motivated to even click on someone’s profile; otherwise I would just keep scrolling.

So the lightbulb went on, and I finally realized the same must be true on the other side as well!

Immediately I implemented some of my photo-taking experience from my old acting and print modeling days and got a beautiful profile picture (taken on my smartphone for free) that genuinely represented who I was at my best.

Responses increased dramatically, and of course, not long after that, I met my husband-to-be.

Essential Tips For Capturing Your Eye-Catching, Profile-Clicking Photo


best online dating profile photo

Make-up and Dress As If You’re Going On Your Dream Date

When people are scanning profile pictures on a dating site, they are looking for someone they would like to meet for a date. So, first and foremost, your photo should look like the person that they are going to want to go out with.

Of course, you can’t get into people’s heads, but try this: Imagine you meet your dream person, and you are getting ready for your perfect date.

What are you going to wear? How are you going to do your makeup? How will you wear your hair? And this is how you should be dressed and made-up for your main profile picture.

Yes, you might be thinking, “But I don’t dress or make myself up like this all the time!” Of course, you don’t. But your main profile photo isn’t about what you look like when you get up in the morning or when you are on your way to the gym (you can use lifestyle photos for the additional ones.) It’s about what you look like when you’re out on a date having fun.

When you represent yourself as someone who is ready to go out on a date, your photo will get clicked on.

Have Someone You Love Take the Photo


best online dating profile photo


Now, you can be made-up and dressed-up beautifully and still look uncomfortable in your photo. If possible, ask someone you trust and care about – like a close family member or a friend that loves you – take the picture for you.

Yes, you could do a selfie, but having someone caring that you’re comfortable with behind that camera will help you relax and be yourself.

Click Pics While Having Fun


best online dating profile photo


Play your favorite music and dance, play with your pets, have a normal conversation, or even play a silly board game to make you laugh while someone takes candid photos of your face.

Because you are just being yourself and enjoying it, your natural personality will shine through. And people seeing your photo will say, “She looks like someone I’d like to spend time with.”

Photo Size and Other Details

Generally speaking, the main profile photo should clearly show your face (otherwise known as a headshot), have you smiling, and, of course, be current. Additional images showing different aspects of your life can be added wherever you can place more photos on the site.

Try using these tips and take a new main profile photo for whatever online dating sites you’re on, and watch your responses increase!

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