How To Embrace Being Single During the Holidays

Being Single Amidst the Holiday Craziness

October heralds in the onslaught of family and love holidays and doesn’t allow us to come back up for air until mid-February, after Valentine’s Day. It’s not easy being single during the holidays. Inevitably, my site’s traffic and subscribers increase during this period.

And I completely get it, I’ve been there for many years as well. No matter how incredibly full your life is and how happy you are single, this time of year can unavoidably be tough. Many are tempted to hold their breath and dive, head-first, into a relationship just to avoid being alone. Others quietly put up with this time filled with holiday parties and gifts with a smile, while simultaneously feeling sad and angry.

If you can relate to this, take a few moments to reflect on this question. If you’re feeling somber about not having a relationship this holiday season, how you would feel if you had to endure these winter months in a relationship with someone that isn’t the one?

So now that you’ve got an unpleasant visual going allow me to explain why finding your soulmate is not the answer to ending your holiday blues.

how to be single during the holidays

It’s Not About the Soulmate

In the early days, months, and years of a budding relationship, the Spring if you will, soulmate couples are inevitably happy. Erroneously, they believe it’s because their partner is making them happy. However, in reality, this is just a projection on the other person. It’s the floodgate of euphoric chemicals from the act of love surging throughout the body that makes new couples blissful. And it’s been demonstrated by science.

You see, it’s really their own act of loving that comes from within that causes them to feel so satisfied. The other person merely serves as a muse, albeit a wonderful one, for these chemicals to be manufactured in the body.

In a matter of a few years, or even months, the production of these chemicals cease, and that initial feeling of love and joy with that person will fade. Even in soulmate relationships, the realization eventually dawns that the partner no longer makes the other happy. Why not? Because only you can make you happy.

It comes back to how you handled being single during the holidays. These dark days are a litmus test for how you will handle getting through the honeymoon phase of a relationship. Do you cling to an unsatisfactory relationship to avoid being alone? Or do you embrace the many blessings of being single during the sacred winter season?

how to be single during the holidays

The Holidays or Holy Days – Time For Self Love

There’s a smorgasbord of parties and events during the winter months involving sugary food, adult beverages, holiday music, and gift exchanges. Though joy-filled in a lot of respects, all of these activities require an output of energy which can easily place you out of balance and exhaust your energy.

Traditionally, the winter holidays – the holy days – have been a time to limit outside distractions, go within, and engage in spiritual reflection in preparation for the new year. The limited daylight and colder weather naturally trigger our bodies to want to stay indoors and practice self-reflection. The commercial circus that the modern holidays have become runs counter to what the body and soul craves.

You don’t need to be religious to benefit from sacred, internal practices during the winter holy days. Even western medicine acknowledges the benefits of meditation to increase positive feelings, decrease negative emotions, and allow the body to relax at this time of year.

A single person can significantly benefit from being alone during the winter holidays. She has the time and space to reap the benefits and re-charge emotionally and spiritually with these inner practices.

how to be single during the holidays

Some inwardly-focused, healing rituals you can immerse yourself in during the holidays to balance out all the shopping and sweets are:

  • Meditation
  • Focus-inducing exercise like yoga, chi gong, walking in nature
  • Self-care like getting a massage
  • Consume warm and healthful foods
  • Read uplifting material
  • Take breaks from social media
  • Devote certain periods to being in complete silence
  • Write in a journal
  • Reflect on what your soul needs now in your life

Savor this valuable period because you’re planting the seeds for a loving, and lasting, soulmate relationship in the year ahead.

how to be single during the holidays

The Holidays as Practice For Unconditional Love in Relationship

For soulmate couples, the realization that your partner no longer makes you happy doesn’t signify the end of a relationship. It begins a new era of consciously choosing to love every day from a place of wholeness.

And if you happen to be single during the holiday season, then these darker days are ripe for self-reflection and healing. You can embrace this holy time to practice the art of unconditional love with others and yourself. And to prepare for the soulmate relationship that you intend to have in the very near future.

If you’re ready to attract real, soulmate love in the new year and want to learn the mindset for attracting lasting love to reflect on this holiday season, then sign up to receive my free video course The Six Practices of Women Who Find Their Soulmate right here.

how to be single during the holidays

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