Expand Your Love With This Writing Exercise, I Dare You

There’s debate as to whether it is human nature or simply our conditioning to focus on what’s going wrong instead of what’s going right.  I can’t say I really know.  Either way, sometimes things happen in life that can leave you feeling unloved, sad or lonely – a break up, loss of a job, or any kind of rejection really.  In those moments it’s totally natural and normal to feel the pain of the loss, and I recommend that you allow yourself to feel it fully.

However, once you’ve felt it and acknowledged the feelings honestly then I recommend you gradually bring your vibration back up by beginning to focus on what’s going right.  I say gradually because it can take days, weeks or even months depending on your situation, trust your intuition with how long that should take for you.  I’ve heard and read from experts in the area of grief that the process of grieving for a big loss averages about one year.

After a time of allowing, then it’s time to be deliberate about focusing on where you want to be, not where you’re currently at.  Energetically you want to get in alignment with what you want so it can come to you.


So how do you go from feeling unlovable and lonely to fully loved and abundantly blessed?

A few weeks ago I did this exercise where I wrote about a 3 to 5 month period of time in my childhood where I felt particularly confident, present, in charge of my life, successful and liked by my peers.  It was amazing how just recalling that time brought me back to the feeling of joy and success.  What’s awesome is that the feeling has stayed with me since.

Write your personal history out, kind of like you’re writing a long bio or your life story, and EXPAND on the all the love you’ve received.  Similar to re-writing your relationship story, this is re-visioning your past story.  Actually, it’s more like changing your current perspective because these are all events that happened but you’re only including the love, the success, the joy and the happiness.

Here’s the exercise:

–       Grab a pen and piece of paper or a journal.

–       Begin writing about your life going back as far as you can remember or just a time that was particularly awesome for you.

–       Write about the moments that you remember bringing you joy.  Write about when you loved and were loved.  Write about when you accomplished things and were acknowledged for them.  Write about praise and compliments you received.  Write about times you can remember feeling really good.

–       Leave out anything that doesn’t feel good.

–       When you’ve finished, read it.  Again and again.


How does that feel to you?  If you are even feeling a teensy bit better then it is totally working.  Your good feelings are your guide to joy.  Your thoughts give you feelings.  You choose your thoughts and focus.  So when you can, make it good.

I hope you find this exercise fun and helpful!  Please feel free to comment or contact me at dinarobisoncoaching at gmail dot com if you have any questions or successes with this!

With Love,


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