Consciously Dealing With Guys That Only Want To Text

How do I consciously deal with guys that only want to text?

Face-to-face, and voice-to-voice, communication being replaced with technological communication is rampant these days.  It isn’t just men.  It’s everyone.  Teenage girls are texting all day long now instead of talking on the phone.  Back in my day we were happy to gab on the phone all the time!

But when you’re dating to meet a soul mate partner and begin a relationship, probably with shared physical intimacy, you cannot form a connection with someone based entirely on written word.  As women we are verbal, we connect with verbal communication, that’s how we’re wired and we need that in order to build attraction and, more importantly, trust in our relationship.

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And getting to know someone via text message or email or through any other social media that isn’t live speaking just doesn’t cut it.   Ever.  There are two things that are totally and completely within your control that can put an end to this madness.

1)    Just don’t do it.  Don’t continue to engage with a man that will only communicate via text or email.  (And do not friend him on any social media until you know him better.)  In the beginning you can kindly but simply state something like, “I’m rather busy throughout the day so I much prefer to get to know someone over the phone or in person, please call instead of texting.”  Or even, “It would mean so much to me if you would call me instead of only texting.  I want to hear your voice.”  He either will call or he won’t.  Any man that isn’t willing to call a woman isn’t ready for a relationship anyway.

Men have fallen into this pattern because over time women have put up with it.  Many men aren’t communicating and taking the time to really create a connection with women because they are somehow still getting action without doing it.

Take a stand, don’t be that woman.

As women collectively hold men to a higher standard men will collectively put more effort into the dating process again.

2)    Be what you want to receive.  Like I said earlier, it isn’t just men doing this.  We are all doing this!  Guilty as charged right here.  Much of my connection with nearly lifelong friends and family of mine is through social media!  Not something I’m very proud of.

Are you in some ways disconnected from those you care about?  And how can you create more connection, real connection, in all of your relationships?

Perhaps it’s calling your parents to tell them you love them or calling your girlfriends for a chat or hosting a game night for friends.

In what small ways can you cultivate bringing more face-to-face connection with loved ones into your life now so you’ve already established that when you’re ready to meet the right partner?

These two simple actions are completely within your control and will yield more connection, and less time wasted texting, in all of your relationships.


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