Attracting a Soul Mate Is Not a Fantasy: The Bold Truth

As a coach, a yogi, and entrepreneur on a path of inner peace and sharing that with the world I want to be completely transparent with my readers, community, and my clients.

Not that I haven’t been already, but I want to be sure that everything I’m sharing with you is completely real.  I’m not interested in playing those marketing games where I make you feel terrible and vibrate in fear so you need to buy my magic, and very quick, secrets for attracting love now before you grow old and die alone.  I can’t stand those marketing tactics and there are many that use them in the coaching world, unfortunately.

So I will be clear and truthful about what the journey of attracting my soul mate was like for me and why I’m so passionate about sharing it with you so you can be inspired to do the same whilst being grounded in reality:

Attracting my soul mate, though wonderful, was nothing like my fantasies.  I haven’t ever met a woman happily coupled that said meeting her partner was like she dreamed about.  It took a while for me to realize my husband-to-be could be my soul mate but dated him anyway because he’s nice and I wanted to get to know him better.  Drop the fantasies so you can allow what’s real to come to you.


From my last heartbreak that finally woke me up like a Universal slap in the face, it took two years of not dating for me to get my energetic stuff together.  After that time it took just a few more months before I met him.  Two years is actually pretty quick.  It may take time though – please understand that.

In those two years I changed a lot.  Many women say, “Why do I have to change?  Why can’t the men change to find love?”  I’m a strong and independent woman and the last thing I ever wanted to do was change myself in order to attract love.  Well, I did and it was quite necessary for me to have a healthy relationship with anyone.  I wasn’t relationship minded before, I was single minded (which can come off as selfishness in a relationship).  And my heart wasn’t open.  The changing I did was what was best for me as a person.  And men change when they are ready, too.  My husband and I have grown a lot together.

I met him online.  Yes.  Even though I swore up, down, right, left that I would never meet my soul mate online.  I had a lot of pride and didn’t think I needed the internet to meet someone.  Well, after some time of absolutely no one coming out of the woodworks to ask me out and me not getting younger, I decided I had it with waiting and that I had to go where the men that want relationships hung out.  And in this day and age (2011 and the age of 35!), that’s online.  The Universe works with technology, too.  Embrace it.


I went on five mediocre or boring dates before I met my husband.  They were pretty nice guys, there just clearly wasn’t a fit there.  You simply don’t know until you try.  At some point you’ll have to say yes to dates no matter how uncomfortable it may seem.  (See the section on change.)

Did I mention that our first date didn’t go well?  Being the sometimes picky woman I can be I judged him very quickly for all the things that weren’t “right” about our first date.  I told him I didn’t think we were a good fit.  He contacted me again, we talked it out, I let down some of my walls and we went on a second date.  It’s been fantastic since.  Sometimes it’s worth giving someone a second chance.

The reward on this journey has not been being with my soul mate, becoming a coach, or anything else wonderful that has sprung forth in the last five years.  It’s that I’ve realized more fully who I am and what I want to do in this lifetime.  I’ve learned to enjoy the journey more.  You can say I’ve grown closer to God, in a very spiritual and not religious sense.  Love, happiness, and fulfillment were never outside of me.  It has always been within, waiting for me to make the darn choice to just love, be happy, and be fulfilled already.  Your soul mate will not bring you happiness…YOU will.


So there it is.  The cold, hard truth about finding love.  There’s nothing magical about it.  It takes effort with the perfect balance of non-attachment to the results to attract your soul mate, and the choice is yours.  But honestly, if I could make the journey work for me I totally believe that you can for yourself, too.

I’d love to read what you think – does this resonate with you?  Have you ever taken a similar journey to discover the same truths?  Please comment below and if you like this article then please share it!

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