Actually Finding Love After the Manifestation “Work” – the Tipping Point to Success

Last week I received news from a regular reader of my blog and a one time client (she got a complimentary session with me) that after doing a lot of manifesting** work, including the principles of deliberate attraction, she’s now in an exclusive relationship with a really great guy like none other she’s dated before.  Woohoo!  Though my business and blog is still very new, there are now a handful of women that these principles have brought romantic success to.  And rather quickly.


(**By manifesting I mean any work that is internal, spiritual, and done on one’s own like meditation, prayer, visualization, journaling, coaching processes, etc.)

As a coach and writer I’m overjoyed that other women are understanding and experiencing firsthand how simple it actually is to attract and be with your soul mate.  But as someone who had been single for a long time that had to go through a certain amount of “waiting” to find the one, I can really relate to anyone reading this that may be thinking, “Why can’t that be me?”

So just what was the tipping point for myself and these women that successfully made the jump from soul relationship in our manifesting minds to a real life, committed partner?

I thought about this a lot; in all cases we took inspired, dare I say deliberate, action with the intention of meeting our potential partner NOW.  Not with the intention of waiting to meet our partner, or with the intention of maybe meeting our partner, or with the intention of possibly being asked out by our partner.  We took action to meet someone now.


A majority of these women met their match on some kind of online dating or singles meet up site.  She didn’t sit back and wait for her prince to come riding up on his steed.  With the confidence and inspiration from all the inner work she did, she proved to the Universe she had faith and took action that would bring her closer to her potential soul mate.

In my free audio I talked about how at one point, about two months before I met my husband, I really felt so ready to be in a relationship and that my soul mate was just around the corner.  I was going to a lot of social gatherings, involved with a spiritual group, and met men here and there.  But it didn’t take me too long to notice nothing was happening.  There were plenty of guys that seemed interested and attracted to me, but no one was asking me out.

Sitting around waiting for some guy to come around and ask me out just wasn’t cutting it anymore.  So I asked myself where was the best place to be introduced to the most single, available men that actually want to go out on a date and potentially meet the one.  And that was an online dating site of course.  About six weeks after I joined I met my husband – who had actually seen me in person before but was too shy to talk to me!  (I attribute that to me still being in the place of wanting him to come to me too much, which is the wrong kind of energy to go into the relationship.)

Long story short, if I had not taken some kind of action, I perhaps would still be waiting for some guy to ask me out.  And I’m guessing the same is true for the women I know that also have found love.  So…

Your soul mate relationship begins the moment you decide that’s what you want.

Inner work (meditation, prayer, etc.) is only part of deliberate attraction.

Some kind of outward, inspired action is the other part of deliberate attraction.

Your soul mate will not come riding in on a horse and pull you out of your hiding place (if he can find you).

Your soul mate is looking for you with the same intensity or vibration that you are looking for him.

Your soul mate meets you where you are (again if he can find you).

You might not recognize your soul mate right away because one’s higher, soul qualities aren’t always obvious to the eyes.

Your soul mate relationship isn’t a one-time recognition that you’ve found the one; it’s an ongoing discovery and re-commitment.

Your soul mate relationship requires that you be an active participant and the Universe will bring you the right person when you are ready to be one.

Deliberate attraction is inner work AND outward action.  Therefore, I believe that conscious, inspired action has been the soul mate attraction tipping point for myself and my clients and readers.

What great things or accomplishments have manifested in your life as a result of you taking inspired action (and you know it)?  Please comment below, I’d love to read them and affirm your ability to attract the life you want!

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