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Dina Robison Soul Mate Coach

Dina Robison is a Deliberate Soulmate Attraction Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Yoga and Meditation instructor, here to guide women to deliberately attract the love they truly desire. She has been successfully coaching women to attract their soulmates since 2013.

Dina is the creator of three online courses; Deliberately Attract Your Soulmate, Dating Deliberately, and Confidence For Women. She is also a dating and relationship expert contributor to Your Tango and freelance writer for Bolde. 

She’s joyfully married, has two amazing daughters, and lives in Sunnyvale, California.

Vision and Mission

To inspire and uplift dynamic and spiritual women everywhere to create, attract, and openly receive the greatest love partnership for them, their soulmate.

To inspire raised consciousness around love relationships all over the world and to make LOVE a priority in all that we do at home and on the planet.

To uphold the utmost love, fun and joy for my readers and clients, and for myself!

I’ve been where you’re at now – really wanting that special relationship but not seeing it anywhere in sight.  After a journey that wasn’t too long, I met my soul mate who became my husband.  Our relationship is better than any I could have imagined!  And if it can happen for me then it can happen for you.  I’m here to share what I learned on my journey to make yours easier and a lot more fun!

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