10 Surefire Ways To Spot Players

If You Want Real Love Then You Need To Spot Players Immediately

A sad yet common dilemma for many women, once they are ready to meet their soulmate, is not being able to spot players. At first, it might seem like these time and energy drainers are sincere, only for their true colors to be revealed after you’re already hooked and perhaps falling in love.

The best practice for a woman who knows she’s worthy of soulmate love is to spot players early and kindly send them on their way.

Here are ten tip-offs so you can spot players immediately:

how to spot players

He Approaches You Very Easily and Smoothly

How romantic! He saw you and was instantly compelled to approach you. Though his lack of hesitation and extreme comfort doing so could easily be mistaken for a strong magnetic pull to you, it probably just means he knows how to appear more attractive and has a lot of experience approaching women.

He’s Very Comfortable Conversing With You

For most guys, it’s torture approaching a pretty lady, let alone conversing with one they don’t know without stumbling on their words. No matter how compatible you might be with someone, first conversations are naturally awkward. Therefore, if he seems quite at home talking with you the very first time, it might be because he’s used to chatting it up with a lot of women.

He Says All the Right Words To Get the Chemistry Going

how to spot players

Does it ever seem like a guy you just met gets you right away? There are endless books and courses out there that teach men how to master “the game.” Part of this game is steering the conversation and using the right words and phrases that will create a superficial flow of oxytocin, prematurely causing a woman to bond with a man. Be forewarned if he says all the right things; chances are it’s because he learned how to do it.

He Keeps the Conversation Subjects Light and Fun

Want to find out what his real deal is? What happened in his past relationship, his childhood, or what his plans are for the future? Chances are he will avoid or laugh off deep topics like this and keep the banter fun and flirty. Some players that are pathological might be able to masterfully make up a sad story about the past or lie about intentions for a relationship. But the average guy that just wants to hit the sack will most likely avoid those subjects altogether.

He Wants To Get You Alone ASAP

Does he suggest “getting out of here” very quickly? Or does he create some other pretense for immediately getting to your place or inviting you to his? Don’t mistake this urgency for love at first sight. The player wants most of all to get his hands on you and he knows he can’t do that until you’re alone together.

He Isn’t At All Nervous Being Alone With You

It’s entirely reasonable for a man that’s genuinely interested in you to seem nervous around you because he feels there’s a lot at stake if he messes it up. But for the experienced player that isn’t an issue. If it doesn’t work out with you (meaning, get you in bed), then he can try again with someone else tomorrow night.

He’s Very Comfortable Making Out With You

how to spot players

Engaging physically with someone new can take some getting used to at first. You’re learning about each other and about what turns each other on. However, if a guy seems to have all the right moves and push all the right buttons immediately, that’s a red flag that he might be a little too well versed in the language of love.

You Find Yourself Wondering Where He Is and Who He’s With

And when you’ve parted ways after being together, you might have a nagging feeling that he’s off doing something similar to someone else. Your gut never lies. If your intuition is telling you that he can’t be trusted, chances are he can’t.

He Wants To Keep Your Relationship a Secret

You’re fresh in the afterglow of a passionate beginning and might even be entertaining the idea of a future with him and he smacks you with, “Let’s just keep this between the two of us.” No man – and I mean absolutely zero – that wants to be with you really will want to keep your love a secret and have other men think you’re available, too. Sadly, his secrecy can only mean one thing: he wants to be still available for other women.

His Interest In You Wanes

You felt like you were on cloud nine in the beginning when you had his full, undivided adoration. But after a short time, perhaps after you went all the way with him, you noticed that his attention slowly dissipated. Maybe he ghosted you altogether. Sadly, a guy that’s super hot for you in the beginning but can’t hold onto that fire probably only thrives on the spark of the new thrill – and is quickly ready to move on to the next.

How can you find out someone is a player as soon as possible then?

how to spot players

Don’t make out, sleep with, or otherwise do anything physical with him until you know him well.

Yes, you might really, really want to. Just don’t. Any good man worth your heart will want to get to know you better and is happy to wait until you’re both ready. The player will be forced to move on when he discovers you aren’t easy prey.

Be open and honest about your desires for a relationship.

Are you ready to meet the man that’s going to marry you and start a family with you? Great! Then feel free to say it right away. The player may be repelled, but you know who will love it? The man that wants to marry and start a family with you.

Keep your eyes on the prize – your soulmate relationship – and don’t settle for the low-hanging fruit.

Players are so appealing because they make it just so easy. In the beginning, they do all the work to “get things going.” After all, that’s what makes them so alluring. Keep your heart and mind focused on the soulmate partnership you desire now in your life. Understand that it’s a journey of getting to know yourself and someone new spiritually, and that doesn’t usually happen in the first few hours, days, or maybe even weeks.

If you simply refuse to settle for less than the love you want, you will be well armed against the feeble attempts of any players.

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    […] If he seems genuine but shy, you can throw out a, “You sound great and I’d love to get to know you better on the phone now. If you’d like, please give me a call at ***-***-****. I’d love to hear from you!” Then the ball is in his court. If he has some excuse for why he can’t call you, then perhaps decide whether you want to invest more time into interacting with him. […]

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