10 Signs You’re Settling In Your Relationship

Wondering If You’re Settling For Less In Your Relationship?

Part of being ready for soulmate love is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with relationships that are no longer fulfilling. If you’re experiencing a nagging feeling in your gut that you’re settling in your relationship, then it’s important to take note and trust your instinct.

Here are ten signs that you’re settling in your relationship:

settling in your relationship

He only texts you and never calls

Even though texting is an essential tool in our society now and very convenient, even preferable in many circumstances, it shouldn’t replace communication entirely. It’s a red flag if the one you love isn’t willing to ever take the time to call you and hear your voice.

He never makes plans with you

Does it feel like you’re always the one putting out any and all effort to see him? Ideally, in a mutual relationship, both partners make an effort to be with the other person.

You’re always going to his place instead of him coming to yours

If he never takes his car, the train, an Uber, or any other mode of transportation (an exception would be if he’s disabled) to see you and always puts the mileage on you to spend time together, then it’s time to think about whether or not you can do better.

He never pays for a date

Are you always forking over the dough for the both of you every single time you’re out together? Yes, the idea that a man needs to pay for the date every single time might be a bit antiquated, but if he never, ever offers or insists on paying then he might not be ready for a partner.

He never takes you out on a proper date


settling in your relationship

Some years ago it seemed that “hanging out” became an accepted replacement for dating, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for him to never take you out on a traditional date – like a nice dinner out in public – in the course of your relationship. If you’re not dating at least for special occasions like your birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, then you’re probably not dating.

It’s all about hooking up

This might go without saying, but sometimes it can be challenging to see it for what it is when you’re in the early stages of love bliss. If your time spent together never involves doing mundane activities together, like grocery shopping for instance, and are only spent in bed, you might want to re-think this relationship.

You don’t hear from him for a period (he ghosts you)

If he inexplicably goes MIA on you – referred to as ghosting nowadays — without explanation but pops back into your life when he feels like it, then you may want to hold out for someone who is more stable and predictable.

He doesn’t say, “I love you.”

After a deep entanglement undoubtedly you’re feeling pangs of love for him, otherwise you wouldn’t be so committed to him still. But has he ever said that he loves you, too? If not, then it would be wise to ask yourself why you’re settling for someone that doesn’t love you back.

He won’t commit to you


settling in your relationship

Is your relationship still uncategorized? Have you attempted to bring up the “what are we” talk to no avail? If he won’t call you his girlfriend, or more, then he isn’t exactly your guy either. And the more important question to ask is, why are you settling for someone that won’t commit to you?

He’s still in a relationship with someone else

No matter how many excuses he may present you with if he’s still with someone else he isn’t really with you. If he isn’t really with you and you alone and you’re still attached to him body, mind, and soul, then you’re settling for far less than you deserve.

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