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Soulmate Love

Soulmate love attraction was a subject I never thought I would coach about. Not only because I used to be terrible at it, but because it wasn't a message that seemed important to the world. Attracting soulmate love was right up there with how to flirt on a first date or what shoes to wear to get the guy as far as I was concerned. It didn't exactly seem crucial for the evolution of the planet. It wasn't until after years of being single and in the wrong relationships that I realized that not having love didn't just feel lonely. It was the realization that I wasn't spiritually being all that I could be that hit me. Spending years seeking the wrong kind of love and blocking true soulmate love kept me emotionally and spiritually limited. And it became time to grow out of my comfortable shell and stop denying myself the life that was beginning to spark in my heart and to live fully, unafraid of having my heart broken and unafraid of what others thought of me. That I did, as you will read here. And now my mission is to spread the message of how fulfilling, empowering, and graceful soulmate love can be. So if you're feeling the call to attract the love that's in your soul, then take a look around at the offerings here. My hope is that you will find this site an inspiration and reminder of the soulmate love that is your greater purpose. With Love - Dina Robison

Soulmate Love Testimonials

  • "As I prepare to marry the man I started seeing right after my coaching sessions with Dina, I absolutely love to look back at the notebook I kept with the journal entries and coaching exercises we worked through. I now read the words I wrote in those exercises before I met James, and I can see that I had been writing our future history. Dina taught me to deliberately attract what I desired, and James truly embodies everything I was looking for, even in some surprisingly wonderful ways. I am so looking forward to saying “I do” in just a couple of months!"

    Lauren from Belmont, CA
  • "I highly recommend Dina if you are considering her for a life/relationship coach. She helped me with identifying what was truly important for me to find my happiness in all aspects of my work, life, and relationships. Dina is a lovely person and easy to talk to. She is professional, effective, and has the educational background to support her coaching skills. I have just broken up with a long term boyfriend when I first started seeing Dina. Shortly after I completed my sessions with Dina I was able to let go, open up my heart again and 6 months later find the love of my life. Don't hesitate to contact Dina."

    Connie S., San Jose, CA
  • “Not only did Dina's Law of Attraction-based methodology, friendly demeanor and sunny disposition helped me get my life in order, it provided a vision board for my life and career goals, helped me understand my family and friends relationships, and also provided me with the tools, self-esteem, confidence and positive attitude which in turn attracted a soulmate into my life! A soulmate who happened to be living halfway across the world...[We] have now been living together in France for two years, and married for 21 months. Without hesitation I can say that Dina's wonderful coaching facilitated this meeting of the minds and hearts!”

    Nathalie Hachet Kuntz from Corsica, France
  • "I am loving your program! Even though I've done tons of hypnosis/mediation before this program and lots of internal work I am really loving your program/ visualizations - especially the future vision of seeing your partner.. It is really one of my favourite programs that I have done."

    Tarryn, course student
  • "The material is easily presented, straight and to the point. Really helps someone who wants to know how to apply clarity and direction to focusing their dating life know how to do it! To learn from past relationship mistakes and move on."

    Holli, course student
  • “After the 5th session of your program, I consciously embodied my goddess. Amazingly, I got so many nice extra services and special attentions from many attractive men! Thank you Dina!”

    Susie, California
  • "Before coaching with Dina I was frankly exhausted from the dating process. It felt like another full time job and it wasn't rewarding or yielding the result I desired. Since I started working with Dina, I've gained clarity, more confidence in myself and the ability to gain control over the outcomes I'm looking for. Dina has encouraged and guided me to put my feelings and goals into step by step actions that feel empowering as opposed to overwhelming."

    Tiffani, California
  • "I was about as cynical as they come. After 4 years of dating guy after guy after guy that wasn't looking for anything serious, I was feeling pretty hopeless...I booked a session with Dina. In just 30 minutes I discovered some more limiting beliefs that I had, and things I still needed to get clearer on. I diligently practiced the techniques we discussed and went to work transmuting some of my beliefs. And guess what?! It worked...only a few weeks later, I'm in the first exclusive relationship I've had in years. With a great guy. It really is that simple. It's not easy, mind you, but if you can really make an honest attempt at being authentic and changing your attitude, and take her approach to heart, it really does work. "

    Single Lady Bug
  • "Dina is an amazing and insightful coach, she helped me see beyond my limiting beliefs. Our work helped me manifest my soulmate!"

    Ginny P., Kuwait

Dina Robison, Soulmate Attraction Coach

Dina Robison has successfully been coaching women to attract love since 2012. She is the creator of two online courses, Deliberately Attract Your Soulmate and Dating Deliberately. Dina is also an expert contributor to Your Tango and a writer for Bolde. She's joyfully married, has two daughters and living in Sunnyvale, California.
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